What we do

Over the years we have invested heavily within our aquarium installation and service department, keeping a close check on the latest developments and equipment available.

We advise on all the following aspects of aquarium installation:

  • The size of the aquarium
  • The positioning of the aquarium
  • The type of filtration
  • The type of lighting
  • Suitable livestock
  • Feeding
  • After care and maintenance


The servicing of each aquarium is tailored to our customer’s specific needs, dependent on the amount of direct involvement the customer wishes to have.

Each service call includes, as a minimum, the following work:

  • Cleaning of the aquarium’s glass panels
  • Servicing of the filtration system
  • Changing of the filter media
  • Cleaning the aquarium gravel
  • Changing the water
  • Checking the health of all inhabitants
  • Water tests and treatment (where appropriate)

Aquariums and cabinets

We supply two ranges of aquariums and cabinets:
The first, Juwel aquariums, manufactures a range of aquariums and cabinets which are complete with filtration and lighting systems, suitable for keeping both tropical and cold water fish.
The second range comprises custom-made aquariums and cabinets by Seashell Aquariums. Seashell will manufacture any size or shape of aquarium and/or cabinet, in a choice of finishes and materials. These aquariums are suitable for marine fish, invertebrates, tropical and cold water fish.
Both of these manufacturers polish the edges of their aquariums and use only the correct thickness of glass.

Filtration and lighting

The quality of aquarium water is mainly determined by the filtration. It is, therefore, imperative that the correct filtration system is fitted.
As an aquarium specialist, we can advise on the best filtration unit for each aquarium installation and which livestock is best suited for each system.
When advising on filtration systems, we select the best and most reliable equipment available, appropriate to your particular installation. We will also keep spare parts available so that you, as an individual, will always have a backup if a problem ever arises.
Lighting is as important as the filtration, so we will pick the best for each installation.


To ensure that the water parameters are correct, all water used is firstly filtered through a 5 stage, reverse-osmosis filtration unit. The water is then aerated, heated, and re-mineralised to ensure that the ph, nitrates and phosphate levels are correct and that any harmful substances are removed. For salt water aquariums, we use only Tropical Marine salt to guarantee a high quality salt mix. In short, water quality is the key to a successful aquarium. The better the water quality, the healthier the fish. This cannot be overstressed, there are no shortcuts.


During it’s 33 years in the industry, Aqua Marine has gained substantial experience with all types of fish and corals. All livestock supplied to our service customers, whether specially sourced or from our own aquariums, is quarantined before delivery, to ensure that only fish or corals in perfect health, leave this facility.

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