DrocDrum Bio Units

Designed to co-ordinate with the Solum Range of drum filters, they utilise the same curved base configuration to reduce dirt traps and can be installed either singly or in multiples.

The Design also causes the bio media to more easily circulate, thereby increasing the amount of bio media your water touches as it travels through the unit.

Can be installed in multiple configurations to make best use of the space you have available.

Standard models utilise twin 4” inlet / outlets but can be modified for individual needs.

Dimensions - 610mm wide x 700mm long x 680mm depth.

Holds 100 litres of typical bio media in 185 litres of water.

One unit capable of filtering ponds of approx. 4,000 UK gallons per unit.

RRP £375 (excluding local sales tax)

How does it work?

Operation of the DracoDrum Bio Unit

Our bio unit is configured as a downward flow, diverted input unit with longitudinal air delivery, to manage water flow around the chamber, maximising the active volume for bio filtration.

Bio Unit - Side View

Incoming water at the top will have a tendency to “track” diagonally or straight down to the outlet, the path of “least resistance”. By making it interact with the air from the bottom of the tank, this waterflow is disrupted and forced back upwards.

Bio Unit - Top View

If part of the incoming flow is diverted towards the centre of the tank, the water is forced into the area where the air is rising, enhancing this flow disruption and pushing the water out to the sides.

Bio Unit - End View

As the water is pushed sideways at the surface of the unit, it has no choice but to travel downwards when it hits the side. The bottom of the chamber is curved, helping that downward flow turn into a circulatory movement. When reaching the airbar right at the bottom of the unit, the water is forced back up to repeat the circulation until it exists out of the far end. This curved bottom also eliminates any corners where debris may accumulate.


DracoDrum Bottom Drain Bio Unit

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